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Maximize your presence on search engine results pages for your local vicinity. With proven optimization tactics you can stand out from your local competition.


Grow your customer base and increase your sales. SEO is the most affordable method of online marketing. 33% of all search engine users click on the first ranked website. Improve your visibility by implementing search engine optimization.


Every successful SEO strategy will require careful research. In this phase your existing website will be data mined which means closely audited. During the research phase I will learn about competing websites, your proposed content and related historical keywords.



An efficient and executable search engine optimization strategy will help you to be above the competition for related terms in the search engine results. Integrating proven optimization techniques will help you reach the targeted prospective customers ready to purchase the products or services you offer.


Success online requires visibility and brand trust. Integrating social media into your marketing plan will help you reach your existing and prospective customers where they are. It grants your business the opportunity to showcase products and services, special promotions in addition to the opportunity of directly engaging with your market.


Video marketing is more important than ever. Most users will spend the time to watch videos about your product or service versus going over the written content. We provide professional video production services to help deliver your brand message, products or services to your prospective and exiting customers.


Reputation is key in business and bad reviews can significantly hurt your brand trust. If your not managing your online reputation this can have an incredibly negative impact on your sales. With our online reputation management service we can fix this, let us help you drown out those bad reviews.


Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web? This is one of the main reasons why video marketing is key. People love video and infact most will review a product and service on youtube before making purchasing decisions. Studies have shown that 80% of people will watch your videos and less than 20% will actually read through your written content. Truth is that video converts greatly. If you're interested in converting those users to customers, integrate video marketing into your marketing plan. Let us help you optimize this with our video marketing and video SEO services.


Web Design is a vital part of having online business success. Having a professionally designed website that is both structured for a friendly user experience and search engine appeal will help you stand out from the competition and increase the chances of converting the users that land on your page into customers. It's no longer about what looks nice, there must be a design strategy in place focused on different layers of online marketing. Responsive Design, Good Content and Optimization. Let us help you with our New York based Web Design services.

What we do:

Local Search Engine Marketing, National Reach

LinkClusion is a New York SEO based agency offering Local and National Search Engine Optimization, Web Design,Video Production,Video Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Social Media Marketing services. We understand the rapid evolving nature of the online marketing industry and we strongly focus on helping our clients in their sales and leads objectives. Because your goal is to increase sales and our goal is to help you, we look forward to partnering with you.


  • DISCOVERY: This is the getting to know you phase and it's where we learn about your needs and your goals. During this first SEO consulting step we learn about your business, your existing website and your competitors. This is one of the most important of all optimization related steps. The more we understand about your current state the more tangible and satisfying your end results.

  • RESEARCH: Every successful SEO strategy will require careful research. In this phase your existing website will be data mined which means closely audited. During the research phase we learn about competing websites, your proposed content and related historical keywords. Here we closely review your desired keyword phrases in addition to learning about trends related to your product or services. Ultimately this will allow for the development of a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy that will be used to plan out the future sitemap and content marketing strategy for your business website.

  • KEYWORD MAPPING: This process allows for specific keywords or phrases to be assigned to specific pages or pieces of content on your website. This will help to give your prospect customers, visitors and fans relevant content. When users lands on one of your websites pages, it’s because they are looking for something in particular. This process allows the search engines to rank you for those specific terms and by nature grants your customers specifically what they are looking for.

  • SOFTWARE RECOMMENDATIONS: We will help to set up your Wordpress website in order to support current and future search engine optimization efforts. In this step we will provide the necessary guidance on theme usage and guidance on the best recommended plugins for your products and services. This step will positively contribute in achieving positive rankings and maintaining satisfying SEO results.

  • SEO – ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION: Once the content is ready we will optimize it for the selected pages or post . This will help to best represent the target keyword. This step includes but is not limited to content updates, creation of meta titles, descriptions and tags and the overall recommendation to improve the content to provide consistent and keyword friendly value.


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