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Because you want to increase sales, SEO services are what you need!

LinkClusion is a New York SEO consultant based business and the goal here is to help online businesses grow. This is achieved through effective social media management and online search marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO and Video SEO.

If you’re all about getting your business to the top of the google, yahoo and bing search query results, contact me today to get started on increasing your sales and leads.

NYC SEO Consultant PhotoAs a professional New York City based SEO consultant I can guarantee that if you’re in business but are not factoring in search engine optimization to your business strategy, then you are giving away significant business to the competition.

What you need to stand out and drive sales is strong online visibility. A website that looks great, but is lacking the proper technical SEO strategy will produce no results. It’s like paying rent for a retail location that no one can find – do you see the problem and the big picture? No traffic means no sale. Ultimately this equals big loss. You can pretty up the design elements all you want, but it means nothing unless specific search engine optimization components are part of the overall online marketing strategy and design.

As an experienced and professional SEO consultant I will tell you that SEO is the best and the most cost effective method of search engine marketing.  It’s what your business currently needs to generate the leads at an increased rate. This means improving the bottom line – more leads, more traffic. With this in place you have a higher chance of making that sale. It’s all about the numbers and if you’re in business, this part you understand.

Nowadays you will find that the internet is highly competitive and constantly evolving. Millions of websites sprout up every single month and because of this you need to find an effective search engine strategy. On page and off page optimization that will make you visible to your prospective clients and customers. Without SEO your business site will not get the traffic it deserves. Even if highly targeted prospective customers are searching for your products and services they will never even know your business website exist. The unfortunate fact is that these are are real buyers. Online buyers ready and eager to purchase what you offer but unfortunately they can’t find you because no successful SEO optimization plan is place.

As a New York SEO based freelance consultant I can tell you the above is not where it ends. However, the good news is that a search engine optimization plan is a “go to” and cost effective method for marketing your business online. The benefits of the organic traffic will reflect on your bottom line and because it’s so cost effective in comparison with pay per click marketing efforts it is not beyond your budget reach.

I’m highly focused on providing personalized SEO consultant based and custom search engine optimizations services. Optimization that will improve your position in the search engine result pages and drive the aforementioned targeted customers to your products and services for the sale.

Because consumers are now educated on the power and ease of the internet to find the products and services both on a global and local scale an SEO plan is crucial to your success. Large and small businesses alike now understand this need and are optimizing their company websites to target those “happy and ready to buy” users. Is your business ready for those sales? Then it’s time to implement the services of a specialized search engine optimization consultant for your company’s effective SEO strategy.

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New York SEO solutions Personal Image illustrationPersonalized SEO Solutions

Because every business is unique, personalized optimization plans are important.  The content your web visitors see must be relevant to what they are searching for. Being a NY based SEO consultant I can promise you that this is a crucially vital component. Your pages must be highly and personally optimized. Target what the users and potential buyers want to purchase and increase the probability of conversion. This has to be clearly presented to them or you will lose the sale.

In some ways Google and other search engines will show results based on what they captured of the search engine users session history. Their online sessions are key factors.  If you’re website page targets a keyword that is not clearly relevant to the product or service you are providing on that web page then you can expect google, yahoo and bing not to show it to them. The experience for the the customer will be unpleasant and the search engines will avoid this. This means potentially losing the traffic and if somehow you get the traffic hit the lack of relevancy will cost you the conversion.  I am committed towards customizing your company plan to deliver the best and most satisfying results for both you as the business and for your prospective customer.

Video Marketing Illustration Services for New York SEO consultant.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the entire internet. Every business that is implementing a successful SEO strategy needs to focus on SEO video marketing as well. Research shows that online buyers will immediately google a product or services before making the buying decision and prefer to watch a video review than reading about it.

Having video related to your business will allow your prospective customer to make the most important connection, the human connection. My experience as a NYC based SEO consultant has proven this to me. Search engine optimization video marketing will be key and one of the most successful aspects of your overall online SEO strategy.

Illustrated Road Blocks because of missiong SEO Consultant Services - IMage

You understand you need to implement search engine optimization to improve the overall success of your business, but you’ve run into road blocks. These Road blocks have been giving away business to your competition.

  • Lack of time: it takes time to effectively manage your SEO efforts.
  • Insufficient time to keep up with the best SEO practices.
  • Lack of training: Your staff lacks the training to correctly implement an effective and comprehensive search engine optimization strategy.

Explore what NEW YORK SEO BASED Consulting service can do for your business

Google is frequently updating and optimization techniques that worked in the past may now be penalized by google and other search engines. Working with an SEO professional is essential to achieve good ranking and because of that you will:

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility with search engine exposure that will help to decrease your competition.
  • Increase sales by obtaining better search engine placement.
  • Attain long term position placement for your target keywords. Once Proven SEO techniques are in place you can expect your rankings will last a long time. This will give you the peace of mind that your website will deliver prospective and highly targeted customers. Customers day in and day out without having to spend additional advertising dollars.