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The Benefits of Comprehensive Local Citation Building

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From a search engine optimization and marketing perspective, local citation holds a lot of power. It is the process of creating links for a business. Back in the pre-internet ages citations could be compared to a yellow page listing. These listing would include the name, phone number and physical address of a business with intent of targeting the local customer.

The printed yellow page catalogs are a thing of the past, now your customers grab their mobile phones and search for the products and services you offer, well assuming they can easily find you online. The search engines hold all of the power in relation to making the connection between your business and your customer. Truth be told, the old principles of a good product and good service still stand.

You could have the best product and if you treat your customers negatively, they will move on to the next business. Just like if you have the best service but a brad product, well you probably lost the sale.  But you will never know, unless your business is establishing itself online for the sake of being found by these highly targeted customers.

Below I will describe a few of the benefits of building citations for your business.

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How Local Citation Building Can Be Beneficial For Businesses: 

Citations are brief references on sites like Yelp and FourSquare with active links to an establishment. These references include the business phone number, physical address and business name. The citation links can include information about the products and services, images related to the product or a list of the services you offer.

Citations remain as one of the available resources of link building to improve search engine ranking or placement. If you’re looking to rank higher in the local queries your customers are executing, then you have to take a moment to implement an effective local citation building strategy.

Citations can propel a website to the top of the search engine rankings when combined with several other local SEO techniques. Websites such as Bing Maps, Yahoo Places, Google places, City search and Yelp, are all primary examples of sites to add an establishment’s listing.

Traditional search engine optimization citations provide local establishment owners with a great method to build their rankings. Local rankings usually happen any time a location is mentioned in Bing or Google’s search results. These traditional searches include slightly different variables like the location. For instance, “flower shop in manhattan” could be a local search submitted to google and if your citation strategy is properly executed, there is a probability of ranking in the first page.

When implementing a search engine optimization strategy for a local business, citations are one of the most important factors to consider.

Of course you want to make sure that your citation references are giving your website some power. The higher the trust or authority of the citation source, the better your chances of improving your search engine result pages rankings.  You may want to start adding your businesses references on Yelp.

Keep in mind that when building citations consistency is key. If you hope to rank well, make sure that all of your citation references include identical business name, address and phone number. Inconsistencies will have a negative impact on rank.

In 2016 every business should have a website, but if chances are that you’re still in the 90’s then at the very least you want to make sure that your web 2.0 business listing pages are ranking well. We will get into this in a future article.

One of the other places to include your business information are in local chamber of commerce websites. Search engines like Google will give tremendous value to this as it would be difficult to “fake it” if a reputable chambers is listing your information.

In SEO Links and citations from these types of web pages can drastically improve your local search engine rankings.

Visibility is another great benefit of using citation building in your business. There are so many businesses that have faded away to thin air due to the lack of online visibility.

If your business has been struggling to make extra profits, citation building will help increase ROI quickly. Since targeted audience will be directed to your business website through citation building, there is every possibility for ROI to increase drastically. This is a great advantage of using the citation linking process without any difficulty.

Even if you want to make your business unique from the crowd, this process can also help effectively. It is a great marketing technique that can help build your business from a zero to one hundred. This means success. Nevertheless, it is important to also know that this process and technique can help bring more unique traffic to your business website.

Local citation building is the best way to boost your business, when implementing your online marketing plan, do not forget about the power this holds.

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